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Extract Data From Web Pages With 
Machine Learning
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What We Do?
Web content extraction
Extract content: from web pages and documents such as images, text, HTML, videos and social media

Extract entities: such as keywords, people, organizations, products

Topic classification: understand the topics of discussion in a document

Page type classification: determine the document type such as article, listicle, PDF, long form, terms and conditions, media galleries and many more
Use cases
Skim It provides APIs for a number of use cases that rely on clean, accurate and reliable data
Extract relevant data to help find answers to specific health related questions within chat bots and native apps.
Price Monitoring
Monitor products and prices from thousands of e-commerce websites and get alerted if there is a change in price so you can act quickly & discover new selling opportunities.
Content Discovery
Extract data from blog posts, news articles and forums to help with content curation and discovery.
Competitor Monitoring
Get alerted to news and market activity about your customers so you can quickly react to new business opportunities.
Understand the context of a page ensuring budgets are maximised by placing ads next to the most relevant content, and more importantly keeping brand reputation in tact.
Identify Politically Exposed People and link all known associates within a knowledge-graph and return accurate results within seconds of any search.
Built for developers
The Skim It API is a RESTful API based on HTTP requests and JSON responses. It can understand human-generated textual content and extract key information — such as entities, topics, prices, titles, keywords, images, videos, sentiment and many more...
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